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Enhanced PCO and cHEPA Technology for Particle |
Chemical | Odor and Microbe Filtration

Product Overview

The Airgle Personal air purifier (AG25) is conveniently built for dual operation in both car and office environments, making it a great pick for you. It is equipped with cHEPA, activated carbon and PCO filtration technologies that remove airborne pollutants, such as dust particles, odors, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs. The AG25 also features Airgle auto cleaning technology and auto temperature control settings for ultimate comfort and ease.

Filter Configuration

The air enters simultaneously through the left and right air ducts for rapid air purification. Once the air passes through a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and US patented PCO technology, the cHEPA filter purifies and expels clean, refreshing air.

1Gas & Odor Filter:

Captures gaseous pollutants

Features 3.52 ounces of activated carbon and remove smoke and odors; purifies formaldehyde.

2cHEPA Filter

Filters solid contaminants

Features 1.08 sq ft of premium cHEPA filter can remove particulates, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and other airborne pollutants.

3Titanium Pro

Removes bacteria and TVOC

Our patented Titanium Pro Module kills up to 99.95% of bacteria and viruses with PCO technology.

Personal Air Purifier

Built for strength, designed for elegance. This aesthetically pleasing unit fits seamlessly into your environment.

Device Holder Can Be Purchased on Demand

One-touch Air Supply Technology

Softly touch the "Power" button on the screen to conveniently start the two stage filtration process.

* Ideal for sedans, SUVs and personal office areas

Convenient Filter Replacement

With the touch of one button, you can eject and replace filters with ease.

Auto Cleaning Technology

The AG25 air purifier is equipped with auto shut off technology, ensuring you never have to worry about wasting energy.

*Advanced installation only.

Auto Temperature Control Setting

Airgle AG25 air purifier features an auto temperature control setting. If placed inside a car, it will automatically monitor the temperature. When the temperature inside the car exceeds 45°C , or 113°F, the machine will automatically activate the self protection function and enter standby mode.

Titanium Pro UV Module

Effective removal of bacteria

Titanium Pro UV's surface is coated with titanium dioxide carrier, which can remove bacteria from the air, and contaminants are instantly converted to harmless substances when irradiated with UV light. This module is patented in the United States.

Certification Authority

Airgle has passed a number of tests by professional certification institutions internationally.

CE Certification for International Safety Standards Testing

CE marked products indicate that they meet the requirements of a series of European directives such as safety, hygiene, environmental and consumer protection.

International Electrician CB Certification

The CB system(IEC system for the qualification testing and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE to promote international trade and reduce international trade barriers.

Korea KC Certification

Korea KC aims to give consumers a better understanding of the certification marks on the purchased products and reduce the cost of various certifications for product manufacturers.

After-Sales Service

Airgle air purifier AG25 comes with one year warranty. Over the years, Airgle team has been working hard to provide best after-sales service to our customers.

365 Days


Personal Air Purifier AG25

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