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Major Customers Sales Representative (Shenzhen - Nanshan District)

Position Qualifications:

1. College or above college education, more than 2 years B2B direct marketing experience with big customers.

2. High-end home appliances, furniture, office supplies and other experiences preferred.

3. Have passion to be a sales and can work under pressure.

4. No gender preference, strong learning ability, follow various work assignments by supervisors.

5. Have good communication skills and coordination skills.

Job responsibilities:

1. Prepare the process and service standard for major customer development, visit, and so on based on the overall plan of the enterprise.

2. Responsible for planning major customer development and management based on products or the enterprise positioning. 

3. Responsible for organizing major customer channel development.

4. Responsible for organizing major customer sales and market development.

5. Responsible for major customer service and relationship supervision and management.

6. Responsible for handling major customer complaints with supervision and inspection. 

7. Responsible for establishing major customer files.

8. Responsible for internal staff management in the department.

9. Finished unexpectedly urgent works assigned by supervisor.