Perfect Air is refreshing

Airgle air purifier has a smart and convenient large LCD screen. You can quickly browse the operation status of the machine and keep track of indoor air quality. It also has a stunning dynamic rotary switch shift control.

More reasons to choose Airgle Purifier

System Efficiency

The Airgle systems feature unique 100% pressure-sealed technology with no air bypass. This means that no particulates, bioburdens, or VOCs can escape from our advanced systems. The highest reading an air purifier can ever achieve on a particle counter test is zero – and Airgle has done it.

Particle Filtration

Airgle cHEPA filtration provides superior removal of airborne particles. Certified to filter ultra-fine particles down to 0.003 microns, our systems deliver exceptional performance.

Five Year Warranty

With a Five Year Warranty service, Airgle has been consistently providing high quality after-sales service to our hundreds of thousands of customers over ten years.

Highest Card Rating

AHAM (the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) is the most reliable source of unbiased information for air purifier consumers. The Airgle systems are AHAM certified in all performance measures that are recognized by the EPA, the Federal Trade Commission, and the American Lung Association.

Advanced Control

Check your air quality at a glance with the Air Quality Gauge. The Filter Life Monitor keeps your unit at optimum performance by calculating the remaining filter life. Selecting Auto Mode will enable your unit to automatically adjust to the optimum speed necessary to purify the air.

Easy to Use

Just plug it in and select a speed setting. The Advanced Control System comes with a large LCD screen to make operation hassle-free. The LCD also alerts you when the air pollution level changes or when filters need attention. Filter replacement is a cinch: It only takes a few minutes, and no tools, to install new filters and reset the gauges.

Energy Saving

Airgle is proud that its systems have earned the Energy Star rating for low power consumption. The standby power for all Airgle systems uses a mere 0.5 watt, 75% lower than the Energy Star rating requires. Want to save even more power when you're going to bed at night? Press and hold the Auto button to turn off the screen.

Metal Housing

All Airgle systems feature aluminum housing. Stronger than plastic and lighter than steel, our housing offers the ultimate durability. Visually elegant and sophisticated, our design adapts beautifully to any room in your home.

Ultra-Quiet Design

Enjoy noise-free operation with the Airgle system's ultra-quiet motor technology. Whisper-quiet for your bedroom or office, the Airgle air purifiers register a surprisingly low 35 dB while continuously cleaning your air.

Ozone-Free Technology

Airgle air purifiers are considered some of the safest air purification products on the market today, and do not emit toxic ozone. See for yourself how nice it is to breathe easier, live better, and enjoy the refreshing, clean air of your surroundings!

Precision Engineering

Designed and created by the Airgle team in New York, each Airgle air purifier is an example of US precision engineering. Every unit is carefully made, quality checked for your satisfaction, and features a bold design that looks good in any home or office. We are committed to using only the finest components in our systems.

Powerful Airflow

The Airgle systems are up to six times more powerful than typical air purifiers. In fact, our air purifiers deliver up to 462 rated CFM, the most potent airflow rating known in residential air purifiers.

Molecular Control

In addition to removing particulate pollutants, the Airgle series air purifiers effectively remove molecular air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous chemicals, and unpleasant odors.

Biological Control

The Titanium Pro module removes chemical gases and destroys harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses. The secret is our breakthrough titanium dioxide catalyst technology, paired with a germicidal UV lamp. This kills germs down to 0.01 microns in size.