PhotoCatalytic Oxidation TiO2 Technology (Titanium Pro)

Enhanced Technology for Particle | Chemical | Odor | Microbe Filtration

Product Overview

Airgle AG600 uses Titanium Pro UV module, the next generation of photocatalytic oxidation technology. Specially designed to clean small to medium size rooms, it safely breaks down harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns. Perfect for those with respiratory problems such as severe allergy and asthma, the AG600 will provide refreshing relief. Third party testing results required by AHAM, AG600 certified CADR state as follows: Tobacco Smoke > 191 CFM, Pollen > 191 CFM, Dust > 197 CFM.

Filter Configuration

1Gas & Odor Filter:

Captures gaseous pollutants

Features 3.5 lbs of activated carbon
captures chemicals, tobacco smoke and odors.

2cHEPA Filter

Remove over 99.998 % of airborne particles

Features 26 sq. ft. of premium cHEPA filter that removes PM2.5, dust, pollen,pet dander, tobacco smoke and other indoor airborne pollutants.


sq. ft. of cHEPA Filter

3Titanium Pro

Removes chemicals, bacteria and virus

The world's 1st and only photocatalytic oxidation technology that uses a catalytic metal plate, electronic component, a germicidal UV lamp and UV lamp ballast within one solo disposable module. This patented technology is especially designed for easy insertion and removal. The Titanium Pro module safely breaks down harmful chemicals and odors, while effectively killing bacteria and virus pollutants as small as 0.01 microns in size.

Restore your Health and Comfort as you Breathe in Fresh and Clean Air

Airgle exclusive pressure sealed technology enables purifiers to filter small particles and gaseous pollutants in the air, allowing you to experience natural, fresh air in the comfort of your home and office.


Formaldehyde CCM Grade

High Efficiency Level

Formaldehyde CADR

High Efficiency Level

Particulates CADR


Particulates CCM Grade

Maximum Air Flow and Fast Purification

Equipped with 360 degree air circulation technology, our purifiers provide maximum air flow and speedy purification. For example, a living room of 296 sq. ft. will undergo a complete circulation five times per hour. Bask in clean indoor air like never before.

Coverage area: 296 square feet with five air circulations per hour.

Technological Design

Featuring an inlet seal design and aluminum housing, the Airgle Air Purifier’s technological aesthetic embodies a North American standard of excellence. Each component of the product’s performance and durability complies with the UL507 Safety Certification as well as the California State Government, and AHAM Standards.

Machine Sealed

BLDC Motor

Infrared Remote Control

Double Filtration

Aluminum Housing

360 Degree Casters

Intelligent Control

Airgle Air Purifier has an intelligent control system that monitors indoor air quality and filter life. It automatically adjusts the fan speed based on your ambient air quality, pollution levels, and preferred settings.

Also features a timer and night mode

Severe Air Pollution

Good Air

Clean Air

Air quality displayed status for reference only.

Double Filtration and Peace of Mind

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Particle Filtration Technology

It has a particle removal efficiency greater than 99.999% for particles with a diameter less than 0.003 µm and can filter dust, pollen, pet dander and dust particles.

Gaseous Pollutants

Removes gaseous pollutants such as tobacco smoke, odor and other volatile organic compounds; decomposes formaldehyde gaseous pollutants from new renovation.

Titanium Pro UV Module

Effective removal of Chemicals, Bacteria and Virus

Titanium Pro UV's surface is coated with titanium dioxide carrier, which can remove bacteria from the air, and contaminants are instantly converted to harmless substances when irradiated with UV light. This module is patented in the United States.

Restore your Health and Comfort as you Breathe in Fresh and Clean air

Airgle exclusive pressure sealed technology enables purifiers to filter small particles and gaseous pollutants in the air, bringing the experience of natural freshness directly to your comfort zone.

Certification Authority

Airgle has passed a number of tests by professional certification institutions internationally.

AHAM Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

Airgle air purifiers pass AHAM standard testings year after year

ETL Electronic Safety Certification

Intertek, one of the world's largest companies that specializes in consumer product testing, inspection and certification, has a worldwide reputation for its proven expertise, quality and integrity.

US Energy Star Certification

A government program, launched by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, aims to protect the environment and save energy.

ARB California State Ozone-Free Certification

The US government banned the sale of ozone-excessive air purifiers many years ago.

After-Sales Service

Airgle machines come with a five year warranty. Over the years, the Airgle team has been working hard to provide top notch after-sales customer service.

5 Year


Airgle Room Air Purifier AG600

For a Purer Life
Coverage area: 296 square feet with five air circulations per hour.



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